If only we bought one

Every time we went to the mall to buy something for them, the 8 years old niece always go the area where gowns are displayed.  I thought she was just mesmerized by the style and the elegant look of the gowns so I did not bother her when she does that because I too love to look at the gowns on display.  It’s a girl thing I guess since we are inspired by Barbie doll.  When we are about to go to the cashier to pay, the niece told us that she wants a gown for herself.  What?  This is the first word that comes out from my mouth.  I never thought that the niece would want one for real.  We did not buy a gown for the niece for we think it is not important.  She can’t wear it on daily basis or when we go to church or mall.  It is not practical so to speak.

Last week, the niece attended an activity for star scouts.  One of the activities is a search for Little Miss Star Scout and they were told to bring gown and casual wear for the said activity.  Unfortunately, the niece does not have gown that is why she did not able to join.  I felt bad for it because the niece loves to do fashion show and pageant.  If only we bought one for her, she is able to join the search for Little Miss Star Scout.  Well, better luck next time for the niece.  She can still join next year.  By then we are prepared and she will have something to wear to be able to join.

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