Not a good idea for me

Shopping and purchasing online is the trend nowadays.  That is why business owner and entrepreneurs invades online store.  They are trying their luck since people are doing the shopping online.  Yes, a busy person prefers to buy/shop online because they do not have the time to go to the malls.  That is why online store/business is in today.  I have friends who are now venturing online business.  No pressure and less stress because all they have to do is to sit down and wait for an order to arrive.  This is the advantage of having online business.  The most common online businesses I have seen are selling items like clothes, shoes, perfume, food supplements, under wares and other RTW items.

I was browsing once because I am looking for a top to wear on my nephew’s birthday.  Luckily I found the one I like so I make an order right away.  After five days of waiting the top arrives.  However, I am not satisfied with the one that I bought.  Aside from I do not like the fabric, the top has holes.  I am so sad and feel like my money has gone wasted.  Oh well, what is done is done, and I cannot undo it.  Then I decided that buying clothes online is not a good idea for me.  It is still best to go to the store/mall and fit the item/s I like.  I learned my lessons.

Have you ever tried purchasing online?  What was your first experience?

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