Risks in online shopping

We all know that online shopping is the trend today.  This is due to the increasing numbers of people who prefers to shop online especially those who are busy person who has limited time.  People/shoppers who do not have the time to go to the mall or department stores to buy the things they want and need.  However shopping online is a bit risky because we do not know if the site is legit or not.  But with the list of online shopping websites, there is nothing to worry about.


One of the most visited shopping website is the Amazon.  The site is tried and tested over the years and many are opted to visit this site to shop.  With their increasing of unique visitors each month, this is a proof that this site is worth to visit and shop.  They have wide selection of items so it is like a one stop shop.  Also they have offer/s like using coupon/s for the shoppers to save some upon purchasing.  In fact over 74% Americans are reported that they have been using at least one coupon last year (2012).

The estimated increase in online spending up to billions in 2016, expect more online shopping websites will be added on the list and more shoppers who will online.


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One Response to “Risks in online shopping”

  1. Mona says:

    I love shopping online lately but I find time reading reviews first to avoid scam..