Buying toys instead

As Christmas is fast approaching, I am starting to look for the kinds of toys that I am going to buy for the kids.  Well, they are expecting toys from me this Christmas just like what I did the past years.  In fact they already reminded me that they want toys as my gift/s to them.  I have not thinking of buying toys for them this year because I decided to buy clothes and some stuff that they could use at school.  However, since they want toys from me guess I have to follow what they like for if I don’t they would not like what I will give to them.  I always bought the thing/s that they want than what I want.  Besides they are the one using it not me.  So, giving what they like is right.

Since I am buying toys for them this Christmas, I have to find educational toys.  It is best to buy educational toys so they could learn something while playing.  I am pretty sure that I would have a hard time in picking the toys for them because each has different preference.  I have to make sure they will not fight over it.  I have already thought of what to buy for the girls, my problem is for the little boys.

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