Grabbed the 20% discount

One of my ‘to do’ list this year is to have shirts that has all the color in the rainbow.  It is pretty tough for me because it means spending.  I have to have extra to be able to achieve this because I have priorities to do as well like paying my bills and buying personal stuffs for myself.  I am not being vain here, just that I want to see different color of shirts in my closet.  I have already bought shirts in color green, red, yellow, white, and black.  To be honest, it took me months to buy those shirts because I have to consider my pocket.  Also, I have to make sure that I like the fabric, the style, the printing and the style of the neck.

Now, I am aiming to buy blue shirt.  I do not have it till now because I haven’t found the one I like.  I have a certain brand that I like, unfortunately I haven’t seen blue shirt on display yet.  I am waiting for them to have blue shirt.  While strolling at the mall with my sister, I saw a very nice blue colored shirt.  The fabric is nice as well.  The only problem is that is it not the kind of brand that I want to have.  But after seeing the 20% discount, I grabbed it right away.  The brand doesn’t matter anymore for me besides it is still branded so it is worth it.  The most important is the fabric is nice, I like it and I got it with the discount.  Great buy I must say!

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