Leather shoes for my father

One afternoon, the father and I are having conversation in the terrace.  We are talking of things in the family, the kids, our life and the struggles in life.  Not the usual conversation because my father is not that vocal when it comes to family matters.  He rather keeps it than sharing it to us.  A bit shy I must say.  Anyways, while in the middle of conversation, he just said he wants to buy new leather shoes because the one he is presently wearing needs replacement.  It has been three years since the last time he bought it.  In my evaluation, I think he wants me to buy him leather shoes.  I did not bother to ask him though because I do not want him to think that I am buying one for him.

Hearing my father saying that he wants to buy leather shoes, gives me an idea of what to buy as a present for him this Christmas.  But I won’t tell him yet.  I will wait if he will buy one before Christmas so I do not have to buy leather shoes for him.  My original plan is to buy him pants and t-shirt this Christmas.  I will start buying presents for the family two weeks before Christmas because at that time, sale is everywhere and so I can get discount from purchasing.

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