It is not sensible to become a member

Few months ago, there is a newly opened grocery store in the city.  I have heard about it, and the products that they are selling.  They sell lots of imported products, I heard.  I got interested but I do not have any plans of going there yet, maybe because I got intimidated by just looking at outside the grocery store.  Looks like only elite people are going there.  A friend of mine shared some photos while she was in the newly opened grocery store and it is really nice inside.  She was in the food court area and eating the very sumptuous pizza.  She also explains how good the pizza is.  I got curious, so to speak.

To satisfy my curiosity, I asked the sister to go with me to the said grocery store.  I just want to see for myself of what is inside, and see the products they are selling.  However, only member can enter the grocery store.  OMG!  I can’t go anytime I want because only the members are allowed.  I can go inside if I want to become a member.  All I have to do is to pay the registration fee.  But the registration fee is a bit expensive for me.  It is not sensible to become a member since I do not have plans of keep shopping there because the prices are a bit expensive too.  It is sad but I guess I just have to accept that I don’t belong there.  I can still go in there one day; I just have to go with my friend who is a member when she go shopping.  When is that?  I do not know yet.  Maybe on the day when my friend will buy grocery items for Christmas eve.

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