The new store in town

I was riding in a public vehicle few days ago when I noticed a newly opened store in the city.  From what I have seen, the store is selling imported goods.  I have also seen lots of shoppers’ busy picking.  I have told the sister about the store I have seen.  She told me that her friend told her that the said store is selling very affordable imported products like perfume, clothes, jeans, and other garments.  Hearing the word affordable makes me want to go there and see it is true, also to see if it is friendly to my budget.

I am excited to go to the newly open store in town, but I have to brace myself because the sister is still busy at work.  She wanted to go as well to buy garments for her two sons, herself and to her husband.  She does not have time yet because she is very busy with their party at school.  She has a lot to finish before the Christmas vacation.  People are really busy buying and shopping this time of the year, I do hope that we will be able to have the time to visit the store this weekend.  We have to come now before they are running out of stocks.

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