Excited to buy the birthday present for myself

Because I am out of budget last month, I did not able to buy something for myself as a gift.  I did promise to give myself a birthday present even if it is too late.  I thought of buying the pants that I saw when I went to the mall with my sister.  It was on sale at the time I saw it and I hope that it is still on sale and available.  I am not expecting that it is still though because it has been two week since I saw it.  If it is not available then I will look for other pants.  However, I am still hoping that it is still available as well as the size for me.

My kind friend gave me a birthday gift.  She told me to buy something for myself.  The timing is so perfect since I wanted to buy myself a late birthday present.  I am so happy and surprised.  I am planning to buy a pants and t-shirt from the money she gave to me.  Nyay! I will go to the mall this weekend for sure and do a little shopping.  Also, will go to my favorite fast food chain and eat my favorite value meal.  Thanks to the generous sponsor.

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