Last minute shopping

My Valentine’s day date was with my dearest friend Ada May.  We haven’t seen each other for two months I guess because of her busy schedule.  She is single like me, so we decided to have dinner together on Valentine’s day.  It was an abrupt decision but still it is a memorable one.  We talked a lot of things, the things that keeps us busy and our  Also, we are sharing some secrets that only the two of us knows.  It is good to see her and talk to her after two months of not seeing each other.

After the sumptuous dinner, Ada decided to go to the mall because she needs to buy something.  It was 8:15 in the evening.  The mall closed at 9:00 in the evening.  We still have 45 minutes to shop.  It is not really to shop when the time is limited, but since Ada does not have any time because she has a class the following day and then will travel to the province once again for her work.  Because the time is not on our side, we called the sales attendant to lead us and help us find what we are looking for.  I find it faster with the help of the sales attendant.  Last minute shopping is not a good idea but it is fun especially when some of the lights are off.  Makes me think that the time to shop is up. Haha!  Memorable Valentine’s day indeed!

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