Summer Outfits

I went to the mall few days ago to pay my internet bill.  After paying the bill, I do some window shopping because it is still early.  I seldom go out alone so I grabbed the chance to be by myself, and enjoy my time at the mall.  I am an impulsive buyer, and there is possibility that I get tempted to buy if I saw something nice and I like.  But this time, I will do purely window shopping.  I am planning to buy some stuff for the summer and summer outfits though so I am doing window shopping in advance.  See if I find something that I like, or I go to other department stores or malls.

At the mall I saw lots of summer outfits on display.  I have tried some of it and it is really nice.  It is comfortable to wear and the fabric is really cool, perfect for the summer.  I have found some interesting stuff and I will be back to buy the one that I wear.  The family is planning to have summer outing this coming May.  So, buying few outfits to wear is what I am planning to do.  I do hope that I will have enough money left.  Also, I hope that the mall will have summer sale for their new release items on display.

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