I hope it is still available

I went to the mall to buy the things that I’ll need for my four days’ vacation at the province. After the short shopping, I went to the ladies wear section. It is sort of a routine to me every time I go to the mall. I must say, window shopping is a girl thing. Anyways, I am enjoying the items that are on sale. I so wanted to buy however, I have to hold back because the money that I have on my wallet is enough for the vacation expenses. Plus, I have extra too in case of emergency.

I have plans to buy new shorts for the summer. Also, the shorts that I have on my closet are a bit old. I need new one I must say. My eyes are filled with lots of items on sale; if only I have more extra I will for sure buy the shorts that I saw. I really like the color and the 50% discount.  It is really a great deal and I am sad that I did not able to grab it. Well, I guess it is not meant to be.   I keep on thinking of the shorts that I saw while I am on my way to the province for vacation. I really hope that it is still available when I get back. I am crossing my fingers.

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