My gift for mother’s day

Mother’s day is approaching.  The day that makes me a bit sad because my mother is no longer around.  I cannot kiss, hug, and say I love to her because she is now in heaven.  I envied those children who are going to spend this very special day with their mother.  Even though my mother is not around, she is always in my heart and I am forever thankful to her.  Since I cannot give her a great gift on this special day for mothers, I will be giving one to my sister instead who is now a mother of two.  Since my mother passed away, she has been a sister and a mother to me.  I am so thankful for having a sister like her.  Giving her a present on mother’s day is my way of showing my love and thankful to her for always been there for me.  I am pretty sure that she will like the present that I will be giving to her.

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