Cheap swimsuit at goodwill store

The summer outing of the family is approaching, but until now I haven’t bought a swimsuit yet. I went to the nearest mall but the amount of the one that I like is too high. I cannot afford to buy an expensive one because I won’t be using it more often. I still have two swimsuits in my closet though, however, I do not feel like using it this year. Makes me wonder why these stuffs are expensive which in fact it is too Well, just a wild thought.

I am sort of losing hope but then again, I remember I am the queen of the goodwill store. I did not realize it early. I should have not wasting my time roaming around the malls to find cheap swimsuit. I have to make a schedule to go to the goodwill store to look for nice and cheap swimsuit. But a friend (my neighbour) visits me the other day and brought the swimsuits that she bought at goodwill store when she went to the city. She thinks of me while at goodwill so she bought three kinds. The swimsuits are very cheap so she bought three pieces. She let me pick the one I like and give one to me. I am so happy because I do not have to spend money to buy swimsuit because a friend give me one. Thanks to my friend for the free swimsuit.

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