Buying his favorite bag

My four years nephew is enrolled in the kindergarten. He is so excited to go to school because he is enrolled in the same school with his two older sisters. He doesn’t have any idea on how is the life of a student. To him going to school is like playing. Well, he will probably be playing. I hope he will be an attentive student. Anyways, because the teacher is not giving school requirements yet, they went to the mall to buy little personal stuff for the kids. When they saw the big sale on the bag section, they stopped by and see if they could find one for the nephew.

They grabbed the opportunity because the bag is on 20% discount. They bought bag for the nephew. Of course it is the nephew’s choice.   Because he is a big fan of Ben 10, his pick Ben 10. The bag is nice and the size is just enough for him. The two girls are frowning because they want to have new bags too, but their parents did not buy bags for them. The bags that they bought five months ago are still in good condition. They will be using the bags for a year or until the bag is worn out. They got big discounts from buying bag and stuffs for the kids. It is perfect to shop while the malls are on back to school sale.

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