I did’nt realize until I arrived home

Few weeks ago I went to goodwill store with my sister to buy some tops and pillow case. I always prefer shopping at goodwill store because it is very affordable plus. I can say it is a budget friendly store. There are lots of tops on display and it is 3 for 100 pesos. Great deals, right? Also I can save some from buying at goodwill store. The amount tempt me to buy lots of tops, however, I have to stick to my plan of buying 6 tops only. I have to hold my being an impulsive buyer because my money is budgeted.

My shopping at goodwill was nice. I have bought very nice tops. The fabric is very nice as well. The funny thing is when I arrived at home and unpacked the tops I noticed that four of the tops are colored black. How come I did not see it earlier? Well, it is because I focused on the style that I like and the kind of the fabric. The color is out of my concern that time. I do not have any regrets at all because I do like the tops. The next I will go to goodwill store, I will avoid buying color black.

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