One of those days

As I aged, I noticed that I am so forgetful nowadays. It is my father who told me that I am getting worse. I even forgot even the simple things. Well, maybe because I have lots of things that stored in my mind. I do not know what to do first to be honest. I am stress but I am trying not to show it and trying to control it for my own good. I sometimes forgot where did I put my phone, keys, wallet, and the worse is I forgot that I am cooking. I have burned foods many times already. I hate myself for being so forgetful. I guess I have to free from mind from thinking and worrying so many things.

Earlier, I went to the store to buy leggings after fetching the nephew from school. After picking and fitting, I brought the item to the cashier to pay. While the attendant is packing the item, I open my bag to get my wallet to pay. When I open my bag I was shocked because my wallet is not there. I left my wallet at home. I only brought my coin purse with me. It was an embarrassing day for me. The sign of aging is really showing. I just told the attendant sorry because I forgot to bring my wallet with me, I promised to come back tomorrow. I really hate my being so forgetful these days.

Did this scenario happen to you too?

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