Opted to use the leave-on conditioner

I have wavy hair. The truth that is too difficult to accept because I really want long straight hair like my older sister. That is why I am investing a bit for my hair. I went to the salon to have my hair done (fixing it to make it straight and shiny). My sister always told me to stop investing for my hair. All I have to do is to accept that I have wavy hair like my mother. I tried but I guess wavy hair is very difficult to manage. I felt like always I am having a bad hair day.

I know this is not a big problem to solve because there is lots of hair styling gel and cream I can apply to my hair to make it look good. I have tried the styling gel and the cream and I just do not like it. There are lots of products to apply on our hair, the only problem is that we do not know if it is works for our hair. I am glad someone told me that cream and gel will make my hair worse because of the chemical. When I go to the salon to have it fixed/done, it will take longer hours to do it because of the gel and the cream that I have applied damages my hair. I stopped using gel and cream on my hair and instead tried the leave-on conditioner. I will be using this for now, and then go back to the salon when I have extra and time to pamper my crowning glory.

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