Window Shopping

Last weekend, the city celebrates the 29th Kadayawan Festival. It is a festivity for the bountiful harvest. The city is having kinds of activity in the city for the people to enjoy and have fun. Also, the malls are giving huge discounts to all the shoppers. They are giving up to 50 – 70% to all selected items and 20% to all items. It is the best day to shop that is why people are grabbing this opportunity to buy their favorites and shop with discounts. I like shopping during this time; however, this year is different. I’m going to say pass because I do not have budget to do shopping.

Even if we do not have budget to shop, still I, my sister and the kids went to the mall to enjoy. There are activities and celebrities at the mall too. The kids went to the play house (Wonderland), their favorite place at the mall aside from their favorite fast-food chain. While the kids are having fun at the play house, the sister and I went window shopping. Even if it is painful (lol), we still did it. The discounts are indeed tempting, but we have to brace ourselves. We did enjoy window shopping. I hope sooner we have budget to shop. Also, the kids are enjoying their time at the play house.

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