Craving for Halo-Halo

Summer season has passed but still I am craving for halo-halo (mix in English), the very famous thirsty quencher ever especially during summer here in the country.  Everybody wants to eat this halo-halo during summer.  This halo-halo is a mixture of different ingredients like mongo seeds, crashed ube, young coconut meat, mango, jackfruit, banana mixed with milk, crashed ice and put a scoop of ice cream on top.  You can also make your own version because you can put any fruit you want.  It is really up to you of what fruits are you going to put in your halo-halo.  It is very colorful and delicious.  To me, nothing beats the halo-halo here in the country during summer season.  I missed eating halo-halo and I am craving for it.

I’ll be going to mall this weekend to a little grocery.  I will be buying things that will be needing at home and in the kitchen because I do not have enough budget to buy for more. I should say, I am buying only the basic needs at home. While at the mall, I will take the chance to satisfy my craving for halo-halo then. Just sad that I’ll be going alone because bring the kids will be costly. Lol Next time kids.

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