Left the newly bought shoes in the public vehicle

The sister is working in the shoe company. Every time they have new arrival of shoes, she has one pair of those shoes before displaying it on the store. Plus, she gets big discount. I guess she wants to be the first one to wear it before others can buy it on the store. She will not let it pass especially if those shoes are color red. Shoes are her weakness, I must say. Sometimes, if I like the shoes, I ask her to give it to me. And she is too kind to say yes. Well, it is like a compensation for taking care of her kids.haha!

Yesterday, she bought another shoes from their company. As usual it is new arrival. She was telling me that she bought new shoes. It is a doll shoes and looks cute but she hasn’t show it to me yet. I supposed it is a surprise or maybe she is afraid that I might ask her to give it to me. It was her husband (my brother) who carried the shoes. When she asked him where is the shoes, they were surprised because the shoes are nowhere to found. They left the shoes in the public vehicle. They were sad of course and went to the highway hoping that the vehicle is still there. They went back home with sad face. Well, forgetful is a sign of aging. I just told the SIL that everything happens for a reason; maybe someone needs it much. Just think that you give it to someone who is needy.

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