Will buy them raincoat this time

Because of the southwest monsoon and low pressure area the country is experiencing lots of rain and gloomy weather. This season is considered a rainy season in the country. With this kind of weather, it is best to always bring our umbrella, raincoat and boots to keep our feet dry. Since I am always at home and I seldom go out, I do not need these rainy season stuffs that much. When it is rainy I just stay at home and listening to the sound of the rain that pours on our roof. I worry about the kids who go to school without umbrella, raincoat or boots.

They have umbrella last year but they lost it in the middle of school year. Their parents do not want to buy them umbrella anymore because they have lost 4 umbrellas already. Since they have lost 4 umbrellas already, it would be best to buy them raincoat this time. It is less hassle because they can fold it and put it inside their bag, plus it is not heavy compared to the umbrella. The kids’ healths are very important and so I have to persuade their parents to buy them raincoat.  Will also remind the kids to take good care of their things carefully.

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