My rubber shoes

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Every time I look at our shoe rack, it reminds me to buy rubber shoes. I do not have rubber shoes for like 10 years I must say because I prefer sandals, wedge shoes and slippers. Since I am not comfortable wearing shoes that much. When the sister told me that we have to do walking and jogging exercise for good blood circulation, I have thought of buying rubber shoes for myself. But I have to wait for summer season where the sister has more time since no class during summer. My sister is a teacher, so summer is the perfect time for her to exercise.

However, when I went to the city where my older brother works, we stopped by at the thrifty store because he wants to buy new rubber shoes. Just like me, he likes to buy at the thrifty store because it is cheaper to buy branded one. While he is picking rubber shoes, I am looking for rubber shoes as well. I am fitting the rubber shoes that I picked when the brother told me if I like it. Of course I said yes since I need rubber shoes for the zumba session with my friends in our village. The brother bought the rubber shoes that I fitted that day. I am so happy and thank my brother many times. Thanks God for giving me generous brothers and sister.

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