Valentine’s Day Present

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Back then, my older sister is my Valentine’s Day date. We went to mall, watching movie at the cinema, strolling around, or having simple dinner together. But after she got married, I never went on a date on Valentine’s Day because my favorite date got married. She has someone to date with on Valentine’s Day. Anyways, those were the things that the sister and I did during Valentine’s Day before. I missed those times very much. I wish that the sister and I will do the same thing on Valentine’s Day because it has been years since the last time we spent Valentine’s Day together.

This Valentine’s Day, I don’t expect to receive flowers, chocolate or other stuffs from someone because I am not used to receive one ever since. But to my surprise, my dearest sister gave me chocolate. I am so touched because I am not expecting that my sister will give me present. Indeed, expect the unexpected is true. Even though I do not have a date or special someone to spend Valentine’s Day with, I still got a present from my dearest sister. Thank you very much sister for the thought and the love. I love you to the moon and back!

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