Found the hair cream that I am looking for

My hair is so brittle, falling hair, thin and dry. I am having trouble taking care of my hair because of these issues. When I have my hair treatment, the woman doing the home service hair treatment shared to me the cream she is using. She said, it is good for my hair. She told me I can’t buy it in the department store or any beauty shops. I have tried looking for it too and I cannot find the hair cream. I end up ordering one from her. The amount is a bit high; I just close my eyes for the sake of my hair. I really want my crowning glory to be healthy, shine and not brittle.

I really like the hair cream because it lessens the hair fall, and my hair is no longer dry, too bad that it only lasted for three months. I have tried contacting her because I want to order another one. But I cannot find her. Last December 2014, I have another session of hair treatment by her. I am glad that she went to visit her cousin which is our neighbor. I made an appointment right away. I am planning to buy hair cream as well, but I do not have budget yet. One day when the SIL, the kids and I went to the small department store in the city, I found the hair cream that I am looking for. It is exactly the hair cream I ordered from her one year ago. The price is not that expensive. I am really happy I did not order one from her. Now that I know where to buy the hair cream that my hair likes, I do not have to worry in taking care of my crowning glory.

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