Unexpected purchase

We were riding in the public vehicle on our way home from the niece recognition day at school when I noticed a lady with her baggage.  She has three comforters and two pillows.  I was looking at her baggage and her.  Because I am thinking of buying comforter, I asked her of where did she buy those comforters.  She told me that she did not bought it, she is selling it.  She is a vendor and she is on her way.  I asked the price of the comforter.  If the price is not that expensive I will buy one.  The price is just right, so I bought one comforter.  We are making deal inside the public vehicle.LOL

Buying comforter on that day really ruins my budget, however, thinking that letting an opportunity go that easy is a bad idea.  I am grabbing the opportunity because buying comforter in the mall is expensive.  I am not regretting it because I really think that I made a good purchased yesterday.  We will for sure use the comforter that I bought on our family summer bonding at the beach.  Next month, I will try not to spend on unexpected things.  I have to save some for the family summer escapade.

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