Buy-one take-one

Yesterday, my sister asked me if I want to go with her to the nearest mall because she will be paying their electric bill.  I said yes right away because I am planning to pay the SSS ( Social Security System) contribution of my brother at the Bayad Center ( payment center).  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pay the contribution because they do not have form anymore.  They are still waiting for the form to arrive.  I am sad because I need to wait for next week because of the holy week vacation.  Also, disappointed thinking of how come they are running out of form.

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After we paid the electric bill, the sister and I went to the beauty store in the mall.  We are not planning to buy anything there, just looking and trying free products.LOL  We were applying the free body scrubs products, when we saw the buy-one, take-one body scrubs.  She wants to buy and try it but she needs to read what is written on the label before deciding, also checking the smell.  We headed to the cashier after thorough reading and checking.  It means it passed the sister’s  My day is still fruitful even if I did not able to pay the brother’s SSS contribution because of the buy-one take-one body scrubs that we bought.

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