Might go for long sleeve swimwear this time

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Next month, the family will be having our summer gate away/bonding.  We are doing this regularly during summer.  The kids are now counting the days of our summer bonding.  Though we haven’t search for the nice beach yet.  The one I am suggesting is not good to them so I am letting the SIL look for the nice beach.  We are still waiting for the SIL to tell us where to go to.  It is not easy to look for the nice beach if you have to consider first the budget.  When it comes to budget, it takes lots of time to finally decide.

Meanwhile, we are busy planning on what will be the foods to bring and our outfit and swimwear.  Yes, we are giving more time to think of the best outfit to protect our skin.  Last year, we are wearing two-piece swimsuit and I must tell you it really burnt my skin.  Even if we applied sunblock lotion, sun burn is painful.  I am thinking of wearing long sleeve type of swimwear since it is in nowadays.  It surely protect the skin from the raging race of the sun.  I told the sister already and she likes the idea.  Where to buy?  I don’t know yet, we might go to the thrifty store.

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