It is important to read details and reviews

Three weeks before the family summer bonding, the sister-in-law bought a tent online.  It is her first time to shop online and she is very much excited.  She live far from the city and no time to go to mall to buy tent because she is so busy with her business.  Since online shopping is trending nowadays, she tried shopping online.  Her order will be delivered in five days.  Because she live far from the city, and there is delivery charge when outside the city, she decided to give our home address and my name instead.

The tent was delivered on the expected date.  I am so excited to see the tent so we assemble it.  However, the excitement was killed after assembling the tent.  It is so small.  It is for kids only but tall kids will not fit when lying down.  I messaged the SIL right away, telling her that the rent is so small.  She is sad about it.  Her first online shopping is not that successful.  I guess she did not read carefully the size and the capacity of the tent.  She did not read reviews I guess.  This is a lesson learned for her.  I just told her that the next time she will think of shopping online, read carefully important details and reviews because it is very important to know a bit about the item she will like to purchase.  Good luck to the small tent that we will be using on our summer bonding at the beach.

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