The project runway show

It is my dream to become a fashion designer.  To create/make clothes for my family, love ones, friends, and people.  During my leisure time, I like to sketch gowns, casual wear, tops, pants and the likes.  Every time I saw interesting dress, I like to make my own version.  I really feel the passion in me to make and create dresses.  It would have been great if I am able to study the course that I really like but not able to.  I sometimes alter the clothes that I have, do some changes to have it new look.  I smiled when the outcome is nice.  I really like doing this stuff.

Watching project runway show on television, makes me happy.  Seeing those designers showing their awesome designs and craft, ignite the passion in me to create own clothes/dresses.  But since it is impossible to make it come true, I am satisfied to just watch the show because I get ideas, information, techniques and creativity.  This project runway show is a perfect show for me, it is like I am attending class because of the ideas and techniques from the designers.  Who knows this dream of mine will come true in the future.  I am still closing my fingers to this dream of mine.  If not as a fashion designer, at least to make/create clothes for my family.

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