The girls and their choice of gowns

I have mentioned in my other blogs that my nieces will be one of the princesses on the culmination day of the Flores De Mayo.  My sister and I wants them to joined so they can fulfill our childhood dreams.  We haven’t given the chance to do this when we were younger for some reason.  Our dreams will be passes to our nieces and they will making it come true.  Thanks to them.  Anyways, since they will be wearing gowns on the culmination day, the sister and I agreed that we will rent gowns.  Renting gowns is cheaper, plus we can select different kinds of gowns.

 photo gowns_zpsfrnl5oi1.png

When we went to the shop, I tried to suggest nice gowns to pick, but they insisted that they will choose the one they like.  Well, they are the one who will wear it so I let them pick the gown they like.  The 11 years old niece pick the ballgown type of gown and the 10 years old niece prefers to wear the simple but looking elegant gown.  She feels like a grown up lady wearing the white gown.  Gosh, they really grown up kids because they already know what they like and want.  Well, their taste isn’t bad at all.  I also like the gowns they picked.  See the image I shared.  What do you think of their choices?

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