Thanks to the senior citizen privileges

My father is very sickly.  We went to his doctors to have him checked.  Yes you read it right, the father has two doctors, one is rheumatologist and one is urologist.  The doctors prescribed medicines.  The father has to take seven kinds of medicines in a day.  Five medicines as maintenance, one to take for a month and one to take for two months.  It is quiet a lot I must say.  We went to the pharmacy already.  Some medicines are affordable and some are a bit expensive.  Good thing the father is senior citizen.  He has Identification Card which we can use every time we purchase medicines and when we go to the doctor.

One of the privileges of the senior citizen is to get 20% discount in every purchase.  Praise the Lord for this because we can buy more medicines because of the discount.  Not only that, when we eat in the restaurants or fast foods, we also get 20% off.  It is really great.  I sometimes think of getting senior citizen card.  I am just kidding!Lol  Just yesterday, we went to the hospital for father’s laboratory test.  And we get big discounts because of this privilege.  This privilege is indeed a big help to the oldies/senior citizen especially when they have medicines maintenance already like my father.

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