12 months to pay

The main reason why the sister applied for credit card is her sons.  Her sons because sometimes she is running out of milk and she has no money.  Before she will borrow money from her co-teacher or to her friends who are in lending business.  Even if she does not want to borrow money because of the high interest, she has no choice.  The sister has been doing this for three years now before she decided to apply for credit card.  But before the decision, the sister have asked opinions and views from friends who has credit card.  She applied for credit card and was granted.

The sister is glad that the credit limit is a bit high.  She can bought other things aside from her sons milk and groceries.  We went to the Mall a week ago and asked if there is promo using the credit card.  We are happy that there is promo.  If the purchased is 5,000 pesos or more, we can pay it for 12 months with 0%.  Cool, right?  The sister bought pair of pants, blouses, shoes and bags she will wear for school on their Friday attire.  Also bought some things for her sons.  The first time we shopped that we do not mind of how much we will be spending.  We are not worried because we will pay it in 12 months.  wink*

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