Love my new sling bag

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One of my weakness is sling bag.  I really love this kind of bags.  To me it is more comfortable to wear.  I have six sling bags and gave the two to my cousins.  I do not have that much of sling bag because I am not collecting it.  I am just liking this kind of bag and when I saw one that I really like, I definitely buy it no matter what.  I am being an impulse buyer when it comes to sling bags which my sister does not like because if I do not have money I borrow from her.  Even if she will tell me I will not really need it, still I buy it.

Anyways, the last time we went to mall I saw sling bags on sale.  I asked her to stop for awhile because I saw one sling bag that catches my attention.  I do not have plans to buy at first but when I saw that it is on sale, I told the sister that we should buy.  As usual she said no, I persuade her and showed to her the pretty sling bag I saw.  I am glad that she likes it also.  That day we bought two sling bags.  Mine is the one I share above and my sister’s is color brown.  I love my new sling bag.

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