Kadayawan Sale

The city will celebrate Kadayawan Festival this month.  This is the big celebration that the people of Davao City waiting for.  The festival is all about bountiful harvest and they offering/giving back the blessings they got from up above.  There are lots of activities in-stored for the people in the city.  The street dancing competition, floral float parade, shows of invited celebrities, and a lot more.  Also there are mall-wide sale, which I really like because I get to buy things/items at a lesser price because of the discount.  I love to buy things that are on sale, and other people/shoppers too.

I went to the mall the other day and I saw items on sale.  Just like the previous Kadayawan Festival, the malls are offering great deals and discounts for all items.  I’ll expect a crowded malls on this day because money will come out when there is sale.LOL  I am not thinking of buying anything because I am on tight budget, but I will go to the mall to do window shopping.  If I saw something nice and I like it, maybe my plan will changed.  I should bring my sister with me because she has credit card just in case we buy more items.

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