Went window shopping and it makes me feel sad

Yesterday I felt really bored.  I want to go out, unwind and enjoy the day outside the house.  After watching my favorite noon time show every Sunday, I took a nap for two hours and went to the mall to go window shopping.  It is really nice to go out and thinking of nothing else but just to enjoy the me time day.  It was really fun doing window shopping however, I suddenly felt sad because there are lots of items that are on sale.  They offer huge discounts up to 50%.  I want to grab the offer but I do not have extra.  If only I have extra, so to speak.

I just enjoyed window shopping even if I felt sad.   I just comforted myself by saying wait till Christmas because there are huge of discounts, better than the offers/discounts in front of me right now.  Since I cannot grab the offers, I just listed in my mind the items that I like.  Hopefully, this items are still available till December.  If not, then it is not meant for me.LOL  Even if it makes me feel sad, I still love doing window shopping because it is fun.  Also, window shopping is one way of pampering myself.  More window shopping to come and more items will be added in my list of I want to have this Christmas.

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