Trying new products

I have been complaining about the problem of my hair, my crowning glory.  Hair fall is severe and it is so brittle.  I have tried various of hair cream, thickening shampoo, and other herbal treatment but none of these are showing improvements.  Yes, I am so desperate because my hair is getting thinner.  I can’t desire the hair style that I want because of the hair’s condition.  I wanted to have long straight hair, but every time my hair gets longer, it started to fall and get brittle.  I have asked people from the salon every time I have hair pampering of what would be the best way to make my hair thick and stronger but not effective.

Just recently, my younger brother shared to me the shampoo that he is using.  He has been using it for three months and it does shows improvements.  His hair is thicken.  Well, not all products that works for others will work for me but still I am trying my lack.  Hopefully my hair will get thicken and the brittle issue will be resolved so I can have the desired hairstyle that I want.  I am trying the new products for hair treatment that my brother is suggesting.  I have been using it for almost two months now.  So far, I seen hair grows.  Good luck to me!

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