Thank you niece for the dress

Last December 30, 2o15 was the Grand Alumni Homecoming in high school.  The theme is Hollywood inspired and formal wear.  And if you want to win best in formal and costume, exert an effort of your attire.  Winning is not in my vocabulary, I just want to attend the alumni homecoming to see my high school friends and classmates.  It would be great seeing them after 18 years.  Oh yeah, 18 years has passed and it would be nice to see them again.

My mind is fixed to wear just t-shirt and pant because I do not have nice dress in my closet.  But my sister insisted to dig more in my closet and find a nice dress.  I found one she likes but I do not like.  I made up my mind to wear t-shirts and pants when I saw the blue dress in my niece’s closet.  I fitted it and I like it.  I asked the niece if she could lend it to me and I am glad she said yes.  I was able to attend the Grand Alumni Homecoming wearing the dress of my niece.  Made me realized I am not that big, or is it just the niece’s dress is a big big.LOL!  Whatever it is I like how I look at the homecoming.  Thank you niece very much.

P.S. can I have the dress for myself?? Because I really like it. *wink

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