Give more time when shopping

Few days ago I bought new case protector for my tablet.  I have been planning to buy since I bought my tablet but was not able to.  It took me six months to finally buy case protector.  I was with my nieces when we are strolling in the city.  I do not have plans to buy anything that day because my intentions was that to have a nice bonding with the girls and treat them to their favorite foods.  It was a nice bonding with them since I have not done it frequently with my sister.  She went busy being a wife and a mother.

We were enjoying window shopping and strolling when I thought of buying case protector for my tablet.  Since I was there already, I grabbed the chance to buy because I do not have much time to go out.  It was an abrupt decision, and because it is a long overdue plan I decided to buy.  The first case I picked was nice and perfect but too small for my tablet.  I told the attendant to give me a bigger one and make it fast because I lost sight of the two girls.  When the attendant give me a bigger one, I told him to put on my tablet and payed him.  I put the tablet in my bag and went hurriedly to the direction of the girls.  When we got back home, I check on the case only to find out the there is no hole for the camera.  I am sad and pissed because I can’t blame anybody.  It was my mistake for not paying enough attention and for not checking it carefully.  I learned my lesson, the next time I will check everything before paying and for sure will give more time when shopping so I won’t commit mistakes.  Lastly, go shop alone.

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