I promise I will look for you

I first saw the t-shirt wore by my favorite female local celebrity.  The tiny heart design on the t-shirt captured my eyes.  And I told myself I want to have this in my closet asap.  The question is, where can I buy? And what brand is this?  Yes, I am so desperate looking for this particular t-shirt.  My desperation was doubled when I saw the SIL have the t-shirt the other day.  It was a late Christmas gift given to her by her friend.  Back in my mind, I want to tell the SIL can I have it? haha!  But instead I told her to ask her friend, where did she buy it.

Until now, I still have not found the store where this t-shirt displayed.  The SIL always forgot to ask her friend too.  Arghs!  Yesterday, I went to the city with my father.  I told the father if we finished early with his doctor’s appointment I will go to the malls because I have something to buy.  Unfortunately, the doctor arrived very late.  After the doctor’s appointment we went home right away.  Yes, I am sad but I will not stop looking and I promised I will look for you now matter how long it may take.  This is how desperate I am.

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