Learning different hairstyles online

Fixing hair isn’t my type at all.  I am more interested into designing dresses and sewing when I was younger.  But I do like seeing different kinds of hairstyles especially wedding hairstyles.  Hats off to those hairstylist because they did a good job.  But my perspective has changed when the two nieces are growing and likes to attend different events at school and in our village.  My love from and addiction of fixing hair started from them.  They have long straight hair.  And seeing their hair makes so eager to learn different kinds of hairstyles.

I am so glad there are tutorials online on different kinds of hairstyles.  I enjoyed watching it and at the same time learning.  I have tried few hairstyles to my nieces, my models already and they like it.  Knowing that they like it, I will for sure will learn more online and will tried it to them.  Having their hair done beautifully in fun indeed.  I have save videos and photos of hairstyles in my tablet already.  I am so excited to try it to them.  So, when the girls have events at school, or attend a party, they do not have to go to the salon to have their hair done because I can do it for them and it is for free.  At the moment, I am learning different braided hairstyles.  Thanks to the online tutorials.

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