It feels good to unwind

Rest!  Yes, I need it very badly.  I now feel the aged me.  I get tired easily.  A bit sad but that is life.  We all grow old.  Watching the kids, doing household chores, laundry and the likes are normal to me, however, I need to get lots of rest lately.  I need to have some “me time” to relax and pampering myself.  But I cannot do it anytime I want because of the responsibilities that I have.  I am single, but my life is like a married person.  Again, I am not complaining that saying it out before I explode.LOL!  Just releasing this feeling because if I don’t I will go crazy.gezzzz

Yesterday, I get the chance to go out after the chores.  I went to the mall with my sister and kids.  Yes, with the kids.  It was tiring but I am happy because I am able to unwind.  I go window shopping and eating outside.  It feels really good to unwind.  Doing it alone is not possible because of the kids.  It is fine with me for I do not like going out alone.  It would be more lonely to go at the mall alone.  Going out with someone to talk to is better than strolling around alone.  I wish to do it more often so boredom will go away.  Next stop of unwinding would be at the park.  So, kids get ready because we will be doing it more now that vacation is approaching.

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