Because I am a Fan

I admit, I have never been an avid fan of any local love teams before until this Phenomenal Love Team AlDub arrives.  The very first time I saw the girl, I knew she is something that is why I am digging about her life online when she first appears on television.  I saw lots of her pictures, her real name, her family, and other information online.  Her screen name is YAYADUB (Maine Mendoza), because she is the queen of dubsmash.  And they guy/actor’s name is Alden Richards.  Been in the business for five years and have established a name but not a demanding actor until the AlDub love team arrives.

Yes, I am an avid fan of this love team AlDub, been following them since then.  I have been wanting to collect magazines that they covered, but did not able to because it is always out of stock.  Yes, they are so popular that all the magazines they covered are always sold out.  But I never stop hoping that I have at least one magazine of them.  It was a dream come true last week when I went to the supermarket with my sister.  I saw a magazine of the two.  There are six pieces left, so I hurriedly grabbed one copy.  I am the happiest person that day to have my first copy of the magazine they covered.  I hope to get more magazines in the near future.  I enjoyed reading articles about them and I must say that they are cute and unique that is why many people loves them.  I am one of those people praying that they will end up together forever.

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