Happy of my online purchase

After the disappointing first attempt of shopping online, I swear that I will not go shop online again.  It is still best to shop at the mall where you can see, touch the fabric and fit it.  But due to my busy life, I cannot go to the mall when I want to because of the obligations I have at home.  I am single but I am living like a married woman with kids because of the nieces and nephews that I have to take care too.  Again, I am not complaining just saying.haha!  Because I love what I am doing and spending time with them is the treasure that I will cherish forever.

Anyways, while I am doing my online routine, I saw a very nice dress.  I really like it and want to buy it, but thinking of the bad experienced I had, I said no.  I tried to look for the same dress in the malls, RTW stores, and department stores in the city but I have not found one.  Every time I open my laptop to do my online routine, I keep on looking on the dress that I  really like.  I am tempt to order many times but refrain myself from doing so.  Indeed, when you want to own a thing, you will everything to have it and will take a risk.  Yes, I am taking a risk.  I made an order last week and the dress arrived two days ago.  It was worth the purchase because I like the dress and it fits me.  Worth the purchase and risk.  I am happy of my online purchase this time and I guess will shop again soon.

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