Free stuffs from my sister

My sister went to the supermarket last weekend for her monthly grocery.  Also, she will be meeting a friend who will be paying her for the owed money.  I am suppose to go with her but she decided to go online so she can go home early.  Because if I have to go with her, it means we will be bringing the kids with us.  It will be tiring and more time to consume because of the kids.  I am glad too that she decided to go alone for I suddenly felt lazy after get up from the bed.  Well, Saturday usually is lazy day for me.haha!  So, my three months pregnant sister go to supermarket alone.

After two hours, the sister is back from the supermarket with three heavy bags.  She bought our favorite snack pizza pie, and also bought junk foods to eat while watching cartoons with the kids.  The sister is busy unpacking the grocery items when she called me.  I am surprised because the sister bought something for me (personal stuffs).  Surely the sister is the sweetest.  I am so blessed to have a sister like her.  Well, she became my mom after our mother passed away.  Thank you sister for the free stuffs you gave.  Made me realized, it is best if I am going with her because I get a surprised stuffs.*wink God bless you always!

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