Feeling like a fashion consultant

The sister and I planned to shop new pregnant dresses for her because she doesn’t want to wear some of the old pregnant dresses that she has few weeks ago.  But was not able to because I went for a short visit at the province of my parents.  I came back after nine days but so busy arranging stuffs at home, so the sister waited till my free time.  I did promise her though that we will go shopping for her pregnant dresses before classes starts.  Finally, last week the planned shopping was push through.

It  was one tiring day for me because the sister wants to buy clothes that even if she is no longer pregnant she can still wear it.  How is that?  It was a tough job for a feeling like a fashion consultant for me.haha!  This is not new to us though because back then every time we buy clothes for ourselves, we are the fashion consultants.  I decides for her choice and vice versa.  Anyways, it took us four hours to buy three dresses for her.  Aside from she is so picky, it is really difficult to look for e pregnant dresses that she can wear even if she already give birth.  I am glad that the sister likes my choice of clothes for her.  Indeed, I am still the best fashion consultant for her.*whew*  Till next shopping session my dear sister!

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