Because I like her style

I must admit I am a big fan of Maine Mendoza.  I watched her since the day she started in Eat Bulaga up to now.  Even though many says that she is not pretty, I still like her because to me she is very pretty.  She is simple, witty and I like her dress style.  She is not the extravagant type that makes many people like and love her.  I bought her magazine, reading so much about her, love the color yellow which is her favorite, love jumper now and the kind of dress she is wearing.  I haven’t done this before.  I am so influenced by her and I am surprised because I am no longer a teenager.haha!

I am not into fashion that much but because of her I want to be updated of the dresses she is wearing on the show.  Many have followed her dress code.  That is how influential she is.  And because I like her style very much I have bought two jumpers already.LOL!  I am the happiest when I finally bought two jumpers.  This is how I am addicted of her.  Now, I am looking for the dress that she wore weeks ago.  Haven’t found yet, when I do I surely buy it for I am sure it fits to my age and me, a simple kind of person.

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