Thinking of buying books

Yesterday, I was waiting for my sister to arrive to accompany her in buying school requirements of her son I went to the books section.  Some of the books are on sale and the prices are really low.  I thought they are on inventory sale because some of the books, magazines and reading materials are really old.  I enjoyed looking at the books especially the novel type and reading the summary.  It made me realized that I so miss reading.  Reading novel books is one of the things that I like to do when I was in my high school and college days.  It was my hobbies during my leisure time.

I did not notice that my sister arrived really late.  I picked three books that I like and the story is very interesting.  I was about to buy it but decided not to because I am out of budget.  Even though I like to read books, it is not in my priority list just yet.  I have to wait till I have extra so I can buy new books to read because I really missed reading books.  Hopefully when I have the money, the books are still available and still on sale.  It was a good opportunity to buy for it is on sale but the timing for me is really bad.  I am a bit sad but have to accept it.  Better luck next time I guess.

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