Bought dresses at goodwill store

Oh yeah, my addiction of shopping at goodwill store strikes again.  Even though I told myself not to buy anymore because I have enough clothes in my closet but I cannot help myself to drop by every time I saw a goodwill store.  I am on my way on fetching the nephew at the school when I decided to drop by at the goodwill store since I arrived early.  Instead of waiting outside the classroom of my nephew, I went to the goodwill store.  The dresses on display is really nice and I so like it.  I am an impulsive buyer and trying my best to control it.

However, my addiction on buying clothes/dresses at the goodwill store wins.  I end up buying five dresses at goodwill store.  I hate myself because it really ruins my budget, but seeing the dresses I bought made me smile.  I actually bought four dresses and the owner gave me one as a bonus.  How is that?  This is the reason I really like buying at goodwill store.  Aside from prices are very affordable, you can get discount bu haggling or even get a bonus item just like what I have.  Indeed, goodwill store is a place for me.

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