I really hate rush shopping

The two nephews are asleep.  It is time for me to take my afternoon nap because I am so tired of sending off and fetching the kids from school.  Well, this is one of my daily routine.  I get used to this because I have been doing this for three years I think but lately I get easily tired.  Maybe because I am not getting any younger. *whew*  Anyways, I am on my way to dream land when my phone rang.  Arghs!  It was my sister calling me and said that we will go to the mall to buy nephew’s white rubber shoes for their field demonstration.  And I have to bring the kids because no one will look after them.

Because the nephews (sister’s sons) are still sleeping I have to wait till they wake up.  I can sense a rush shopping hour and I hate it.  I have no choice because the nephew will be using the shoes in two days.  It it the perfect time for my sister to buy rubber shows for her son.  The sister is seven month on the way and she gets tired easily.  That day she is less tired so she grabbed the chance.  We have two hours to look for rubber shoes and having dinner at the mall.  While she is waiting for our order, I brought the nephew to the shoes section to pick for a rubber shoes.  After picking the rubber shoes, we have our dinner and be back to pay the shoes.  It was a quick, rush shopping and tiring.  We got home at exactly 9:30 in the evening.  How is that?  Really tiring for me.  Next time no more rush shopping hour, okay sister?

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